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PostSubject: NEW LEAGUE RULES   NEW LEAGUE RULES EmptyMon Apr 26, 2010 10:00 pm

No more territories. Strictly points based.

The games will follow a weekly rotation. Each player can have two 1 vs. 1 games in the first week, and one multi-player in the second week. This rotation continues for 8 weeks meaning a player can play a total of 13 games before play-offs (12 regular and 1 Grudge match (explained below))

1. The League will begin the week of May 02, 2010 and end June 26, 2010. Followed by all warbands (in points) having playoffs (NHL style with single elimination).

2. Entry fee towards prizes to be voted on.

3. Points are as follows:
Winner of a Multi player Scenario with no alliances throughout the game: 3 Points
Winner of a Multi Player Scenario with an alliance at some point in the game: 2 points
Winner of a Two player Game: 2 points
Tie Game: 2 points
Loser of a Scenario: 1 point
Killing an enemy leader: 1 point
Having a fully painted warband (consisting of at least three colors on each model): 1 point a week.

4. No alliances allowed in three warband Multi player games, until there are only two warbands left

5. No restrictions on Warband types. Play whatever you want.

6. Each league member is responsible to have the rules for their warband on hand during the game. That means that if the warband is not in the main rulebook or the Mordheim Annual than you will need to obtain a copy of the Town Crier or get a print off from the website. The same applies to Hired Swords. An Army Builder list is not a replacement for rules. If a member is not able to produce a copy of their warband’s rules than they forfeit and their warband routs that turn.

7. Warbands should be clearly printed on a Roster sheet or an Army Builder print out. Anyone without a complete and accurate warband list forfeits and may not play that warband that week.

8. A model should have weaponry that represents what is portrayed on their roster. If a model has weaponry contradictory to the description on the roster than it is the opponent’s choice whether to allow it.

9. Blackpowder Rules (Mordheim Rulebook) are NOT in effect.

10. Players may only have 1 warband going at a time. By starting a new warband during mid-league, a player forfeits all points earned by the previous warband and cannot use them again.

11. A player who disbands a warband does not maintain their points.

12. Hired Swords may be included in warbands. The rules and restrictions are still in force (i.e. no Elven Rangers in a Dwarf Warband). Members must be able to present a copy of the rules for any Hired Sword they have in their warband.

13. League Games are encouraged to be played at Dragons Den however players may play at other locations as long as every second game is played at the Den. A different scenario will be played each week and will be announced on the WyrdOnes site.

14. After each battle another league member must witness rolls for experience and exploration.

15. Lucky Charms and Lucky Rabbits Foot are limited to one per Warband.

16. People who spend a considerable amount of time painting their figurines do not appreciate them being mishandled. Avoid rolling dice into other people's figures and only pick them up if you have permission.

17. Players are encouraged to consider fair play when disputes arise. However, if there is a clear violation that is reported then Ryan will be the final arbiter. It is in your best interest to deal with situations as soon as they arrive, as there will be no retroactive actions taken against league members.

18. Report games to WyrdOnes site by every Monday and Ryan will try to have the standings for every week done by Tuesday or Wednesday night. Please make sure that the games get reported because we can not keep track of your points if they are not.

19. Prizes will be awarded after playoffs (if there are any). These will be decided after all entry fees have been taken in (if there are any), so they can be allocated to prizes. It will be set up so that if you pay to play you will have a chance of winning something no matter how well you do or how many games you play as always.

20. In general we don't like to allow people to play make up games they have missed , but people are sometimes busy in life so if a person can find someone else who missed a game the week before like themselves they may play a make up game using the scenario from the week before. This make up game may only be played the week after the missed game. Notify people early in the week when you are able to play. Use the site!! That’s what it’s there for.

21. There will be 1 grudge-match allowed. This is in addition to the weekly games and is a street fight, battle until one warband is wiped-out (no route tests are taken). This game is to be played against a big rival of your warband. (make it fun) The winner of the Grudge-match gets a bonus 3 points.

22. Dramatis Personae allowed.

23. During set up, no models may be placed on the upper levels of any buildings. These are chance encounters so all models begin on the ground.

Rules Additions and Clarifications

1. When fighting in HtH a model with a shield and hand weapon gains a extra +1 to their armour save. Therefore, a warrior fighting with a sword and shield would have a 6+ AS against missile fire and a 5+ in close combat.

2. Firing into melee is acceptable if the shooter’s warband is not allied with any of the combatants. Roll to randomly determine target before rolling to hit.

3. If two combatants have the same initiative, they will strike simultaneously, roll results for each fighters attacks. (no roll-offs)

4. Models are able to make a run move if enemies within 8 inches are stunned or knocked down.

5. Models armed with spears can not use another weapon in their other hand. They may however have a shield or buckler in their free hand.

6. A HERO wishing to ride a mount (of any kind) must first take the RIDE SKILL. Which is classified as a skill that is available to all.

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