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 Winter Campaign Rules

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Territory Based System. Territories and some benefits to some of them are in the Territories Rules Thread.

Starting the Campaign
Campaign organizer will randomly select an order for players to choose their starting locations
Everyone then provides the following information in the order listed
1. Warband Name
2. Warband Type
3. Warband Rating
4. Chosen Starting Location

Each player also secretly chooses any 2 location which will be worth double points to them at the end of the campaign (campaign master must choose first).
Once the campaign has started, each warband's bonus locations will be revealed to the other players.

Playing a Game
Find Opponent
Roll off to see who gets to choose where to fight, applying any underdog bonus (the experience bonus) to the roll. The winner chooses the location (if drawn the lower WR chooses).

Two types of fights can take place. Fighting in an uncontrolled location and fighting in a controlled location.

Fighting in an uncontrolled location
Play the game

The winner takes control of the location; if it's a draw, the location remains uncontrolled.

Fighting in a controlled location
The controlling player may choose whether to attack or defend irrespective of Warband rating

Play the game
Use the warband ratings of the warbands BEFORE the game to determine control of the location after the game:
Divide the warband ratings of each warband by the number of location controlled, including this one (as if all the warbands playing controlled it)
Apply the following modifiers to the controlling player's score:
+10 if he won the game
-10 if he lost the game

The player with the highest control score is poised to take control but...
At this point players may choose to abandon control of any other locations they have in order to regroup and boost their control score.
Each player secretly writes down any loctions they wish to abandon
The abandonned territories are revealled together, and there's no going back if the sacrifice was for nothing!
Recalculate the control scores as necessary. The player with the highest score takes possession of the location. Recalulate everyone's base control score. If the control scores draw, the location becomes uncontrolled.

Complete the after-battle sequence.

ASAP the winner should post the results and any territory change on a thread for the week in the battle reports section of the forum, so the campaign organiser can keep an updated listing on the site.

All members should keep a list of the locations they currently control on their roster. The equipment section, or on the back of your paper should be good.
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Winter Campaign Rules
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