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 Heinrich's Hooligans

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PostSubject: Heinrich's Hooligans   Heinrich's Hooligans EmptyFri Feb 19, 2010 12:44 pm

My Dearest Kathryn

My venture to the city of Mordheim has not been the great adventure I had hoped it would be. I am earning well enough for us, but the pain in my head can be all too unbearable at times and often incapacitating. I sometimes catch myself muttering nonsense and must force myself to stop. I do hope that the men under my command do not notice this and decide that I am an unfit leader. That many armed mutated abomination that struck me down will pay.

I also write with news of our friends and relatives. I regret to say that our old friend Manfred has been killed in battle. He was struck down by a heavyily armoured Middenheimer in our groups last foray into the accursed city. I trust you will inform his family and offer what support you can. I also offer new of your little brother Pieter. He has become a very formidable warrior and not the impressionable youth you would remember him to be, he has dispatched four enemies in hand to hand combat. However, he has been struck down by those double accured Middenheimers and has suffered a very deep wound. He is expected to recover, but will need sometime to heal. I trust that once he is well he will want to seek his revenge, and I for Manfred. I swear to you these Middenheimers will be destroyed. Delter and Arond are both doing fine, although Arond was just recently robbed of his spear and sheild. Hopefully we will be able to afford new equipment for him soon.

The hirelings of our group have been working out well. They all seem to be good fighting men and are gaining more experience all the time. So far only one has perished. I have also taken the liberty of hiring a dwarf to better bolster the warbands combat prowress. He is very odd, and is on some kind of deathwish adventure.

This city is full of dangers at all times and I never feel really safe. I did find a trinket in an old abandoned shop after our last fight, I beleive it may bring me some needed luck. I hope to acheive our mission soon, so that I may return to you a rich man and we may live together in peace.


Heinrich "The Halfwit" - sword, dueling pistol, sheild, dagger, lucky charm - Leader, Step Aside, Stupid
Manfred "The Mad"- Dead
Delter Doolist - pistol, sword, sheild, dagger - Strike-To-Injure
"Slippery" Pieter - Sword, sheild, dagger - +1W, Step Aside, Expert Swordsman, Deep wound (miss 2 games)
Arond "The Awful" - dagger - Sprint, +1WS , Robbed
Fritz "The Fool" (Marksman hero) - Crossbow, Club, dagger - +1BS

Heinrich's Headshots (2Marksmen) - 2 clubs, blunderbuss, bow, dagger - +1S
Best shot Bert (Marksman) - Crossbow, club, dagger - +1BS
Hunter Hans (Marksman) - Crossbow, club, dagger
Leipzig "The Looter" (Marksman) - 2 clubs
Ironmaul (Trollslayer) - 2 Axes

0 wyrdstone
46 Gold Crowns
I'll add the Warband rating tonight (Don't have it with me)
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PostSubject: Re: Heinrich's Hooligans   Heinrich's Hooligans EmptyMon Mar 08, 2010 1:19 pm

dude, this is awesome. I dont know why, but the new topic graphic never seems to show up for me, so i diddnt even know this was here until just now. I think i might start something similar once i figure out what the deal is with the forum graphics.
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Heinrich's Hooligans
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